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Systems Integration

The Catalina Group can provide the full range of network and systems support you need for your small-to-midsize business or organization.

We provide troubleshooting, performance enhancement and upgrade support, as well as ongoing software support and training. We also provide security and hardening services.

We support most current operating systems and software, including Windows®, MacOS®, and a wide variety of applications running on these operating systems. We support a variety of server technologies, including the Windows family of servers.

We support in-house and in-cloud email and data storage solutions, including MS Exchange Server®, hMailserver®, and others.

We support many business and vertical market applications, including Quickbooks®, Sage MasterBuilder®, Simply Accounting®, MS Project®, Essential Gifts®, AllsystemsMax®, ShopMaster®, Alldata®and Triad®.